Artisan baked goods made in the old style

The smell of fresh baked bread

Pukeko Bakery is passionate about making bread the old-fashioned way. Each of our hand made loaves of bread is an expression of our commitment to be the best artisan bakery in the land.

Hand Crafted Artisan Bakery

We are committed to making good honest bread the way they made it years ago using traditional artisan methods.

We use locally sourced produce only, directly from the growers, mainly from local market owners and operators, supporting local businesses.

We offer a wide variety of specialty bread products and non-yeasted sourdoughs that have no additives or preservatives.

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of good bread. We believe it’s something that everyone deserves to enjoy, every single day

How to tell a true hand crafted bread from one that is just called artisan. Look at the ingredients. There shouldn’t be anything in bread besides flour, water, salt and yeast. If the bread is made with a sourdough there may not even be yeast in the ingredients. It wasn’t necessary to add chemicals to bread for centuries and it still isn’t.

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